Relationships reimagined

Elevate your customer experience

Shop associates can share messages, products and promotions before, during and after a customer leaves the shop. This is the future of physical retail!

Before visiting the shop

After leaving the shop

Let them shine

Shop associates are the new stars

Give associates the freedom to become the experts and stylists that they truly are by allowing them to help and guide your customers beyond the store.

AI at your service

Don’t waste time on trivial Q’s

Our AI can respond to 85% of low value queries, such as stock level, location and opening hours. Free associates to focus on what really counts.

Be discovered

It’s time to pop that shop!

Your popup shop can instantly be added to our discovery feed, where people from all around the world keep track of what’s new.

How it works

Add Shops & Popups to get discovered

Once you have created an account you can quickly and easily add shops and Popups to our platform. No matter your size or needs, our plans have got you covered.


Retail Shop

per shop associate/mo*

• Be Discovered
• Pre & Post Sales Chat
• AI Functionality
• Build Customer Loyalty

Beta app out now!

Retail Paper: Future of Retail